Duplicates (Instances?) with Offset in Image Sequence

(Help Please) 44 Views, no ideas?? Duplicates (Instances?) with Offset in Image Sequence as the title states. I have a simple image sequence of already rendered images, 1-96, and I want to create a group of ten(10) simple planes total, where each Instance has a different Offset. No matter what, so far, if I change one, they all change. I had gone in before and tried to create ten(10) individual images, with there own UV references, but it couldn’t find the images that were rendered as TIFs?? (a bug??) so I created PNGs for all of the same images so that they now show up on the single simple plane. Once I duplicate (Shift-D or Alt-D??) the new ones all move in exact unison to the first one. I want each one to be five(5) frames Offset from the prior one, to create a “cloud” of images with some variation. I have done Google search and Blender Wiki searches, but must not be asking the correct question, or not understanding the answers?? Any help is appreciated.

As long as the textures are instances of one another you will experience the synchronized result. So part of the answer to your question is NO, you can’t do that with instances but YES you can do that with copies.

Make each plane unique.
Make each material unique.
Make each texture unique. (remember to check Cyclic so it will wrap around).
Go into each texture and set the appropriate offset.

Thank you Atom, I will go in and try once more. I had something like this, but it was having trouble reading the TIFs, so then I shifted to the Instances model and PNGs. Changing two(2) variables at one time, never a good strategy for finding bugs. I will go back to individual unique items. Thank you again for taking the time to respond.