duplicating a piece of a mesh model?

I have a mesh model of a human body and I want to be able to crop everything off except the chest from the waist to right below the chin how would I duplicate or copy just that section of the mesh model? I am pretty new to blender and I don’t seem to be able to find a tutorial on this any where

any help you can give me would be appreciated

Select the part that you want to duplicate, then press ‘Shift + D’ which will duplicate the selected part. The you can move it to the side or just right-click to place it in the original location. If you want to make the duplicated part a new object, press ‘p’ -> ‘selected’ before deselecting.


  1. In Edit Mode
  2. Select what you want to copy
  3. Shift-D
  4. Move duplicate verts where you want OR press P and “Selection” to to separate and send them to a new object
  5. Back to object mode then select your new object to work on it


Duplicate and Delete:

  1. In Object Mode
  2. Shift-D Duplicate to copy the whole object.
  3. Select your new copy
  4. Now In Edit Mode
  5. Select what you want to delete
  6. Press Y to separate it.
  7. Press X->Vertices to delete it.