Duplicating and texturing

im making a supply crate in blender, and i was trying to texture the crate. but when only 1 particular side showed the texture i thought about duplicating a side and make it its own object so i can texture it seprately and position that duplicated side so it looks like part of the crate. i was thinking if i did this to each side that i could change up different textures and colors to make the crate look more detaild how ever i quickly found out that after i duplicated the one side it read as part of the original cube and i could not find an option that could alow me to make it its own object. is there a way to do this?

If you want to separate faces to create new objects press P in edit mode.
If you want different materials applies to different faces you don’t need to make them separate objects, see http://cgcookie.com/blender/2010/06/15/tip-adding-multiple-materials-to-a-single-object/

To texture a crate if its just a cube give it a material, add the texture to the material and in the Texture / Mapping set the coordinates to Generated and Projection to Cube.
Ideally though, especially if you want to use the cube in other applications, UV unwrap your cube. You can then also see the properly applied texture in the 3d view

See attached blend file showing both options. The back cube is the first option and only shows up correctly when rendered


crate.blend (276 KB)

thanks Richard, but see the when i watched the video the link sent me to, the person who made the video was using a 2.5 version of blender and i am using a 2.6 version. when i did exactly what he did, it was not working the same as how it did for him. (keep in mind i am using textures)

you need to create a new material to assign the alternative textures to, then you can assign the new material exactly as in the video