duplicating animation

I understand this is a really noobish question, but I need to know
how to apply the animation from one object onto another. Is there a
way to copy the ipo curves and paste them onto something else?

if you want a direct copy. you can link the IPO block of object1 to object2. Just look at the name of the IPO in the header of IPO window, then select Object2 and open the IPO of Object1. If for any reason you want to modify only one of the object’s move, you’ll need to make a copy because your 2 objects will then move together as it is the same IPO block. When there is an IPO block linked, you can just click on the number right after the IPO block name, which will set as single user. Or you can select “add new” in the drop down, it will make a copy of the current linked one.

oh, I see.
Thanks a bunch for helping me with that.