Duplicating exact Camera View specs in User Perspective

Hi everyone,
I’ve read an introductory tutorial on viewing navigation in blender but didn’t find what I needed. Is it possible to duplicate the exact camera position (e.g. elevation, direction, angle, coordinates etc.) in the user perspective, without having to manually navigate which take time? I was thinking about a number of options to achieve this. 1.) Enter camera view and convert it to a user perspective view. I’ve not found an option anywhere in Blender to do this. When you exit, camera view it takes you to the previous User perspective view. 2.) Does Blender allow the exact position of the User perspective to be specified and saved for easy access?

I want to save certain perspectives in a scene that can be activated within only a few steps or less. I thought about setting up multiple cameras in the scene, but the camera viewport is to narrow for my needs. Unless, thirdly, someone knows how to widen or modify the camera view, and get rid of the bounding box lines. The tutorial I read didn’t discuss any of these things, so I wondering if it’s even possible in Blender.

Thanks for the help.

If you had Blender from builder.blender.org, this has addon called Stored Views.

Thanks eppo. I’ll try to get that addon.