Duplicating flag

I’m fairly new to Blender, but I’ve done a lot of work with it,

But now I’ve made a flag that works totally fine, but then I wanted to copy it so that it can look like a row of flags, the issue is that when I duplicate it, the flags all move exactly the same as each other, even when I don’t copy the wind, how can one separate them to work individually.

I did try U and unlinked the object and data, that did not work.

I’m using version 2.74

Add some noise to the wind force.
Add a turbulence force to give variation to the wind effect across your scene

Three flags with a single wind force with no noise

Same three flags with a single wind, with noise and turbulence


wind.blend (5.42 MB)

Thanx Richard, but they behave EXACTLY the same, even if I move the one flag way out of the way of the wind, it still acts exactly like the other flags, it’s like they’re exact clones, i need them to act separate from each other, so if I move one away from the wind, it should just hang.