Duplicating/flipping rigged meshes

Hey all! I’ve completed my first rigged hand attempt using Jonathan William’s tutorial and I’ve got it working well enough for a first try. However, since my animation project will require 2 hands, I need to duplicate my rigged right hand as a rigged left hand.

Is there a quick way to do this? Or would I need to mirror the mesh and build another rig for the new hand?

Thanks in advance.

Just duplicate both at the same time and mirror both at the same time. It is that easy.

Hey Kazinger, thanks for the quick reply. When I tried to do as you suggested, I only get a duplicated mesh…no armature. Could it be that I haven’t actually applied the armature modifier yet on the first rigged hand? (don’t know if that would matter or not)

Did you duplicate both in object mode and shift select the second object /mesh or armature?
have both selected and shift d . Of course you can not select a object and pose mode bone at the same time.
If not can we see the blend. Past here http://pasteall.org/

Yeah…still no good. I’ve attached the blend file.Juggling Hand.blend (580 KB)

My mistake give me a minute to check sorry

No it works that way maybe i wrote it wrong. http://www.pasteall.org/blend/25158 tell me if this is good

Yep…that’s what I was shooting for. Previously, I was trying to use a mirror modifier to achieve the mirrored mesh and armature. After seeing your file, I realized I needed to duplicate both together and then use the mirror option from the object menu to flip the duplicate. I was able to achieve your results in my own file that way.

I’m still learning blender (as you may be able to tell) but this helps a lot. Thanks very much!