Duplicating multiple objects with an array modifier

I’m modeling a simple park bench. I modeled one wood board, created a curve, and put an array modifier on the board to duplicate and follow the curve. That all worked fine. Now I want to add 3 little bolt heads to each board. I got them placed on the first board but I can’t seem to figure out how to have them duplicate on the other boards created by the array. I’ve tried parenting grouping, linking, joining and Googling and have found nothing. Can someone point me in the right direction please?


Here you go.

Made all three “bolts” one object
Disabled the modifiers on the bench object
Made the “bolts” object part of the bench object
Translated and rotated the bolts into place on the bench
Re enabled the modifiers


Bench_upload.blend (802 KB)

OK thanks Pappy! I didn’t think to join them as one object. are there any limitations to the separate elements being part of the same object?