duplicating objects

when I duplicate objects then move the time slider all the objects translate themselves over to one of the objects, so that there is like 20 boxes at the same location. how can i duplicate objects without them doing this. so that they remain where I want them to when I move the time slider.

In the IPO window you can unlink (X) the ObIpo of the original object before making copies, or you can unlink that same ObIpo from all the copies. If you wanted them all to inherit the ObIpo but relative to their new positions you can copy the LocIpo’s and Paste in new dLocIpos.


so i have the IPO Curve window open. I select my object and delete (x) all the ponts. then duplicate the object. then slide the time slider and all the object move to one position. What did I do wrong? I didn’t quite understand what you were saying
** edit. I had the auto-keyer on, it works with it off. don’t quite understand that because it has to have a x,y, z, rot, and scale ipo doesnt it?

No, in the IPO window header, all the IPO Curves represented as a DataBlock called “ObIpo” with a big X to the right. Clicking that X doesn’t delete the datablock, it just unlinks it.

You can relink it after duplicating from the menu left of the DataField.


OH OK. I understand now. That makes sense. Thanks for your help