Duplicating parent and child objects

Is there an easy way to duplicate a parent object plus its children?

If I highlight a parent object (usually an empty object), hover over the 3D View, press Shift+G, select “Children”, the press Shift+D, Blender will duplicate the children of that parent and put them in the parent object.

What I actually want to do is duplicate the parent plus all the children underneath it. The end result should be so that there’s a new, independent parent object with all of the children beneath it; the original parent object should not be affected in any way.

How do I do this?

Select the parent too. Shift+G -> children has an option “extend” on the operator panel that you can use, or just reselect the parent after selecting the children, then duplicate.

Ah – reselecting the parent after selecting the children works. Thank you!

I found the “extend” option on the operator panel by pressing F6. It’s a shame that Blender doesn’t remember that option either as part of the project or in Blender itself, though. Unless…is there a way that it could remember? It would be much more convenient than having to always reselect the parent after selecting the children.