duplicating shape keys issue?

Hey everyone,

with the version of 2.57 duplicating a single shape key consisted in giving the value 1 and simply add another shape key, because the mesh assumed automaticaly the shape of the previous one.

Now I’ve tryed that with the version 2.60 and now with the version 2.66 and it still doesn’t work, when I click to add another shape key, with value 1 in the previous shape key, nothing happens…

Is there another way to duplicate?

And another question, is it possible to mirror the shape key but mantaining the original one? Like, if you edit the value both sides move. Or is it that “X mirror” option turned on in edit mode the best solution for editing just once?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You need to click on the black triangle on the right side of the shape key panel and select new shape key from mix.

… and after that, in the same menu you find the option to mirror the shape key.

Combining these two steps (new shape from mix and then mirroring) will allow you to mirror the shape key but maintaining the original shape key.

Thank you guys, I appreciate your answers!!!