Duplicating the whole character problem`

Well i have a character fully rigged and animated… but i want to use 2 of the same characters for the next scene… now is there any way i can copy the whole cahracter … i mean the mesh the aramture and everything … so that i don have to make rig and weight paint and all again… ??? -please do let me know!!!

I guess the best way to do that is making all the components of your character a Group ( Ctrl G ) and save that file . Then you can append that Group to your scene the times you want.

you can link an object to a different scene with Ctrl+L

but that means if you edit it in the new scene it will also change in the other scene

also if you link duplicate an object (Alt+D) you will get another copy of your object
(if you change one the other one will also change because they are link duplicated)

If you add your object as a group you can;t edit the copies - you have to edit the original object

It will depend on the circumstances as to which is best for you

Well i can understand the scene thing but what if like i created and rigged a character and then i want to have 2 more of same guys in the same scene… can i copy them or duplicate them whole … like we do with meshes???

Just select all components (mesh, armature and targets) and Shft-D, or make it a Group and duplicate it.


thanks Fligh…Well but if i copy them in object mode… will all the properties like ipo’s and constarints will be copied too??

If you copy them with Ipo’s etc linked, then yes. Constraints will copy anyway; if ther’s a constraint between (let’s say) the Armature and Mesh it’ll work if both are selected and copied at the same time and it won’t work if they are copied seperately.