Duplicating vertices for each edge

Is there a way to make it so that, for example a cube, would have a vertex for each end of the edge? So instead of 8 vertices, it would have 32 vertices, and I can manipulate each vertices differently?

Well, yes, sort of. Start with a cube, and, in edge mode, delete eight of the edges. leave four parallel edges. Select these four, duplicate them, and rotate them 90 degrees. Duplicate again, change views so you can see the selected edges, and rotate them 90 degrees.

You’ll have 12 separate edges forming a cube shape, with 24 verts (not 32.) Since the edges are not connected to each other, there are no faces to this shape, so, even though you can move the verts independantly, I’m really not sure what you’ve accomplished.

What are you trying to do?

Maybe separate (“P”), split (“Y”) or rip (“V”) will help you. Separate separates whatever you have selected into a new object. Split separates, but keeps it in the same mesh, and rip will pull apart a vertex in 2.

I must admit I’m a bit confused by the “32 vertices” request too. However, you can bevel your cube to make faces of all edges (and get new triangles in the corners as a by-product): In edit mode with everything selected, press W>Bevel and drag your mouse until happy with the result.

/ Mats

Here’s another way to arrive at the same result as Orinoco’s.

Add a cube.

In Edit Mode, select All and hit the X key and choose “Only Faces”.

Switch to Edge Select mode and select one of the top edges.
Hit the Y key and accept the popup message to Split.
You only need to do that to the top four edges and the bottom four.
The sides will already be separated.

Well, I sort of wanted to do this on a mass scale. I think Mat’s way accomplishes this. What I actually wanted to do was basically duplication of all edges and vertices while still being connected to the original cube. It’s almost like taking a octahedron and beinging the edges together to make a cube. I guess beveling works since it produces these extra edges as a side product.

I hope you’ll post an image when you’re done. You’re kind of leaving us all hanging with what you intend to do with this odd geometry. :confused: