duplication and matearials

hey everyone:)
this is probably a verry basic question, but i duplicated a character so that i could have 2 characters almost exactly the same. so i duplicated the mesh and armitures and put the duplicate beside the origanal. everythin worked fine until i changed the colour of the duplicate and the origanal changed too. is there a way of makeing the duplicate change colour only without makeing a new matearial and reataching it?:confused:
i’m still learning the basics of blender.

Select the object which has the material you want to change. In the material settings to the right of its name will be a number. This is the number of objects that use this material. Mouse click on the number and it’ll ask whether you want to make it a single user. Select yes, now this is independant from the other objects that used that material.

thank you! it works perectly now!