Duplication of vertices and edges and errors in mirroring

#I decided to start a new project with Blender #h3b71cab from the buildbot.
When I save a model and I load it back, I get random vertices and edges in the model. Problem is that delete doubles does not work. However when I do smoothing then I get screwed up with the mesh.
Also when using mirror, they are edges or vertex created and this cases defects in the mesh. See pic
I am on Ubuntu 13.10 with the latest 2.69 release. In the past Blender on Linux was running great but since weeks now they are quite some issues again in modeling or crashing.
I would have posted a bug, but developer.blendeer.org keep saying that my name and pwd don’t exist??
I can post on pastall the blend file


I can post on pastall the blend file
Why didn’t you anyway rather than me having to make the effort to ask for it. Always assume I want it.

Post the blend file of the model as shown and before the mirror modifier was applied

You also don’t mention if you have the same problem with an non development version of blender