duplication problems...

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is thier a way ok lets say u make half a head using NURBS and want the other side to be just like the sid u made only to fit what do u do???

~BlendedMind~ 8)

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H i Blendedmind,

First, you convert the nurbs to a mesh (alt + C)

in front veiw, have the mesh selected,

now don`t touch the mouse!

press shift + d
then press “S” key
then press “y” key (“X” key for another direction)
then press “enter”

select both sides of your mesh and press ctrl + J

now press the tab key to edit
with the “B” key (box select)
select just the vertices that run down the middle seam
of your mesh and press “F9” and select “Remove doubles”

hope this helps,

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