I have a problem that haven’t solved since months. I want to duplicate little branches on the surface of a big tree. I have 3 types of branches to give it a little variation. So, my problem is that using dupliverts makes fairly good results, but once I randomly delete a lot of the vertices of the big tree, their originally good orientation screws up. How can I solve this?

If it wasn’t understandable, here is a link to my older thread on this (I didn’t want to bump it): http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=69498

Please help meeee! Thx in advance!

:frowning: Okay, I won’t post it here anymore, I will ask it on the developers forum. Sorry for bumping this, and the old thread.

Perhaps you will find DupliFaces more useful than DupliVerts. Just remember to orient the child and the parent object in same direction. Note that this feature is currently in CVS only. http://www.blender.org/cms/Face_Duplicator.828.0.html