"Duplicator Rig" reverse engineering

Heyho, I started working on recreating an old rig from Meinbender Studio called “Duplicator Rig”. I already tried this briefly like 10 years ago, but sadly I’ve lost my blend files so I started all over again. This is a work in progress, still lots to do but will keep you updated along the weeks.
Hope you riggers find it interesting!


Second chapter, getting closer. https://youtu.be/4di4A7ZkLE8

What is new? a bunch of things:

I added a mesh deformer to the body and controllers to the teeth so they follow mouth deformation. I used auxiliary meshes to accomplish this. Same trick was used for auxiliary deformers around the mouth. Also changed eyelid system to one single piece of mesh for both top and bottom eyelids, using bone deformation and shapekeys to make them dissapear.
I also added one extreme pose for the mouth, one of the most noticeable features of original Duplicator Rig. This shapekey I created using a squashed cylinder and a Cast modifier on the character’s mesh first.
Added lattices and hooks for secondary deformation (cartoon style) for the eyes and eyelids. Remodelled arms and legs for future work.


Dude that is such a cool project! Thank you for sharing it all on Github:

For the people who don’t know what the original Duplicator rig looks like:

What it can turn into when godlike animators use it: https://vimeo.com/7980975

I’ll be following this and experimenting right alongside. :slight_smile:

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Welp, it seems this thread is no longer active. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ll probably make my own because this rig is presenting some interesting challenges that I would love to know how to solve. I’ve really just been trying different things, both for the global deformation and the small stuff like the eyes. Even the eyes are giving me trouble. Right now I’ve build this but its not very flexible and does not have the nice autosquash so I think ill just scrub it and try again:

I also modelled a basic body with good topology that I can extend over time.

And I’ve played around with some moveable limbs, its doable but it has some caveats:

This was also not present on the original duplicator but it does open some nice possibilities. :slight_smile:

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Cool. Mind sharing your aproach on the limb? BTW I don’t enter too often here, but kept updating my github repository. Currently working on eyebrows stuff but got interrupted by real job.