Duplifacaces/verts/frames slowing down viewport

I tried to search the forum for a similar issue, but to no avail.

So, the thing is that my viewport performance starts slowing down as soon as you start raising subdivision levels on a duplifaced object. And the strange thing is that, for example, i have array modifier on my duplifaces, and the performance of the viewport seems to be as poor for “count 20” in modifier options as for “count 2”. As soon as you set the modifier to “count 1”, performance goes back to normal. This problem isn’t attached to array modifier only, even if i copy the dupliface in edit mode, i still get this viewport fps drop.

When you make duplicates real(ctrl+shift+A), the viewport becomes all fine and fast.

I’m running rx480, 8gb ram and i7 3820

Is this normal behaviour? If so, why? How do i fix it, if it isn’t? :smiley:

Here is a screenshot of a project that i hope helps abit in understanding what i mean

Have you open your monitor to see how much RAM do you have free?
What OS is running?
When U make them real viewport flows…
Did you try another blender version?

looks really rare for an i7 CPU

Hi, i have around 40 to 50 % of ram used usually, i guess 4gb of free ram should be enough for blender. Im currently on 2.78c, i have also tried 2.78a, same thing happens in that version.
Im using windows 10 with the latest amd drivers.

can someone maybe try to reproduce this to see if it’s only me who has such a problem?

Duplifaced a cube, subdivisions set to 7

applied array modifier onto the dupliface

See that FPS (ALT +A) when there are 2 copies is the same as with 40 copies

it is somehow related to the shading mode, as soon as i switch to Material shading mode (or use matcap in Solid shading mode), fps goes back up to 25. In texture shading fps is about 7-8, in solid shading 3.5-4 fps. wtf? :smiley: