Dupliface Parent object showing up when rendering

Can someone help me with a few issues I’m having with 2.66a Cycles? Or direct me to a tutorial that will help?

Dupliface originals are showing up when I render. That is the most pressing issue I’m having.

Other minor issues: in the 3d Viewport Materials Setting: objects show up as black and in Texture setting: only a few textures show up… the rest appear as Solids. All of the “thread spool” objects share the same material group, with different jpgs added to provide specific colors so I don’t know why only a few are showing up.

The main issue that is keeping me from proceeding is the dupliface “spools” showing up.

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Since I didn’t get any replies to my post, I guess I’ll just move the parent object to a location not visible to the camera. Not the best way to deal with it… but need to get this project finished and don’t know of another way using Dupliface Instances.

I recently worked on a tut that’s using duplifaces. I found that if you parent the mesh, that you want to duplicate, to an object (in my case it was a pillar parented to a plane) and SHIFT-D the parent, the original mesh is visible. But if you grab the parent, move it away and then duplicate it, the original mesh is not visible. At least that is my experiance. I hope i’m right, if not, someone else should explain what it’s all about.