Duplifaces always render

Hello, I have a problem I don’t know how to deal with.

I have made some trees with fantastic script “tree from curves” and everithing works fine till I’ve started to split down for compositing. I want to have trees in one renderLayer, landscape in another one… the problem comes when for example I render only landscape renderLayer, and magically appears trees leaves even though I have disable its visibility on this renderLayer.

I have tried separetely in other scenes and always happens the same, its kind of frustrating and want to share with you before letting my mind fly for more complex and silly solutions.
Hope you have some type of workaround for it ;). Thanks!

mmm , if the leaves are really in another layer , they shouldnt appear , check if the layer is not really on.

can you post the blend file ?


Hey, thanks for the reply. Here you have the file, think is better to see it by yourself :wink:


problem.blend (756 KB)

Well, after exploring deeper the scene I conclude the problem is dupliFaces. If you try to hide the layer where instanced objects are and make for example a z-mask with it, instanced objects will appear always. It’s really frustrating because it forces me to do really dirty composition things.

I want to believe there is a workaraund for this. Here you have a really simple blend file to try it by yourself.


duplifaces.blend (176 KB)