Dupliframe and Ctrl-A problem

I’m using Blender 2.34 under linux.

I’m using the dupliframes feature to duplicate a surface curve prior to skinning. I have Size keyframes set to alter the shape of the surface curve. Works great.

After “making dupliframes real”, joining and skinning, I notice the resulting object seems to have picked up the transformations from the dupliframe process. ‘N’ shows asymmetric scaling and rotation components.

Ok, no problem, just “Ctrl-A” (Apply Size and Rotation), right? Nope. Doing that distorts the object. Also, the object appears to still be affected by the curve used for dupliframing. And when I delete the curve, strange things happen to the skinned object.

What’s the correct way to create an object by dupliframes? Do I need to do something after “Shft-Ctrl-A” to make the (now real) copies independent of the curve used to dupliframe them?

Create the profile as a normal curve (not a surface), and give it an intelligible name (in editbuttons, F9, the OB: box) and put that name in the BevObj field on the path curve.

Much easier than using dupliframes and skinning.

I agree. BevObj is much easier to use. Unfortunately, I need to be able to change the bevel object’s size (scale) over the length of the curve. Is this possible when beveling?

I’ve played with this problem a little more. It seems to be caused by the dupliframed instances having pointers back to the curve’s IPO block. Deleting the curve right after dupliframing seems to prevent the odd behavior I noticed earlier. Don’t know why, though.