Dupliframe lofting

Well Ive gone over Master Greybeard’s dupliframe tut twice now and everything works great until I try to do a loft with a path and a NUBRS circle.

I add the path and the circle, no problem.
Apply SnR, no worries.
Parent and Clear origen. ok.
Set no speed and CurveFollow. Right.
Turn on dupliframe.
Everything looks good.

After this is where I get some weirdness.

I go to make duplis real and after it confirms thats what I want it asks if I want to apply SnR AGAIN? And then when I confirm it (for lack of info to the contrary) it says it cant aplly to a multi user curve.

Then it makes my duplis real.

Oookay…moving along swiftly now…

I select my duplis, join them. No worries.
Tab to edit, hit F to skin and Blender tells me theres an error: cant make segment.

So, knowing that Blender is the perfect program, and this has to be user error (no joke in this case) what am I doing wrong here?

awww crud…ok I think I found the problem. But it brings up another question

Whats the difference in the NUBRS in the curve menu and the NURBS in the surface menu?

Well using the surface nurbs solved almost all the lofting issues I was having but I still get that extra Apply SnR when I make Duplis real.

What version of blender are you using?


OH!!! Well now.
I have the official 2.34 version and a BF build. Ive been using the BF build.

Thanks Graybeard. I tired it in the official release and I dont get the extra Appy SnR

While Surfaces and Curves both use the same settings, manipulation and behind the scene algorithms, Curves have some defined limitations (can’t be lofted) to more easily allow for other options like implicit booleans, curve bevel, curve deform, paths, …


Thanks theeth.

Wow…now if that doesnt make you sound like Sylvester the Cat, nothing will.

Ah well… I asked twice about this at the Dev site and got politely ignored. shrug I tried.

Anyone who wants to mention it to anyone with connections to the Development feel free.

Id just like to know if its a bug or if thats the way its supposed to be for some odd reason