DupliFrame path problem

Ok I’m a noob and still learning. I cant seem to keep the NERBS on curve path after I ctrl+j. I’ve tried all kinds of changing z,x,y and even rot the circle surface in different directions. Also tired doing alt+p ahead a step from edit:ctrl+f and object:ctrl+j. I tried doing inverse/mirror/rot on the finished project to try and get it back to the same path and had no luck, probably due to my newBness in 3D space. I haven’t found anything yet on the manual and ive been following tutorials by the T.

Thanx for any help in advance

Can you explain what you’re trying to do and what you’re using to do it with?


I was trying to do multi face cable and got stuck on this. So tried doing a basic cable and the problem still persist.

steps i do

  1. make curve / path (path,foll are on and length 100)
  2. make surface / circle
  3. rescale both
  4. make parent
  5. remove origin
  6. edit axis (beleive me when I say i try every combo possible even zz,xx,vv including -. A few settings will wrap the curve.
  7. dupliframe (start1 stop100, no speed)
  8. make dupli’s real
  9. join "this is where i get messed up. every time I join the duplifram swings out of the curve.
    10 alt+p clear N keep transformation.
    11 face
    12 inverse if needed

Though through all the steps (if I do get a finished dupliframe) its always swinged out of the path. I just don’t get it.

  1. make surface / circle

Better to use a Cylinder, or Extrude your Circle so it has some Faces.

  1. edit axis

Then Ctrl-A so Local and Global coordinates are equalized.

11 face

I assume you want to skin the CurveCircles? That will only work if the CurveCircle is a Surface (Add >> Surface >> NURBS Circle.

Your main problem I think is messing with the Axis and then not resetting it with Ctrl-A. You may also need to set the TrackTo axis in F7.

The cable can also be built by Extruding a Curve (shaped in the cross-section of the profile) along another Curve with BevOb:

see Jeans “The Basics of BevOb Extrusions”. You may also want to look at his stuff on Dupliframes.


I finally figured it out. It was the most stupid thing I’ve overlooked so far and spent over 4hours trying to fix it. After i made the dupli’s real the end of my path highlighted t a lighter pink. Nothing on the tutorials or guides I’ve read mention it. So everytime I joined it would flip everything. Simple remedy was to select the orginal surface/circle, after making dupli’s real and then select all, followed by the join nerbs. Ty for all the help Fligh