Dupliframed curve --> mesh

Hi, i`ve gotta problem. I think that it have simple solution and that it was already explained on this forum somewhere, but i have searched long time and found nothing.

So here it is. I am trying to make a belt. I have dupli framed simplified NURBS circle around path. Now i want to make mesh of them. I have turned dupli frames to real objects and joined them together. And when I press “F” to generate solid object, Blender generates an error message: “Can`t make segment.”

I have followed Dupliframe tutorial here: http://download.blender.org/documentation/htmlI/ch22s03.html#BSG.SPE.F.MAL.027

Here is image of my situation:

It workes good for me…

It seem that your surface circle isn`t following your curve corectly.
If you follow the tutorial step by step (including clear origin, and mape aply size and rotation is needed as well) then it shoud work just fine.

I’m not having any luck doing that either, even in 2.25

I know it’s something I’ve been able to do before, even in 2.25… weird

another tutorial on skinning nurbs curves:

but control+f gets the same error
[and it’s annoying that in blender 2.40 when you join everything is colapsed together unless its 3d]

They must be Surface NURBS and not NURBS Curves.


gee thanks! now i got it!