Dupliframes or array for fence segments

What’s the best way to model a basic, straight fence?

I know array works better, but also eats up memory. I am trying to use dupliframes, but i can’t seem to understand precisely how it works. Last time i had to do this, I spent a loooong time subdividing the curve just so the fence more or less looks right.

fence.blend (567 KB)

See if this thread can help.

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried all of those steps mentioned in the linked thread, but the results were similar, especially around the corners. So, instead, i separated my curve into all the different straight segments, and did dupli-frames on each segment separately, and rotated my fence manually. Quite a round-about and time-consuming way, but I don’t know how else to make it, and it certainly looks better than adding control points to a curve around the sharp corners to “make” it look right (this was my previous approach).

you can array vertices and use those vertices to duplivert fencepost - you get instances,but some renderers might have prob with free vertices,then for final render make duplis real.(if fence is curved use a curve modifier after array)