Dupliframes question


I have tried the dupliframes modelled technic.

I have simplified my problem:
I have create one simple cube mesh, at frame 1 I locked position (‘i’ button). And at frame 10 I locked the position too.
After this I pressed the button ‘F7’ and pressed ‘dupliframes’ button.

In the 3D window it does not appear my 10 objects, but just one.
If I render, it appear correctly all my objects

Here is the semple image:

Can somebody help me please?


If I do the exact same thing, everything looks normal. But when I apply that constraint, only one cube appears in both the 3d- and the render window. May I ask what that constraint is for? :wink:

I think it’s because you didn’t click the no speed button

If I check the no speed button, it does not change anything.


What’s the constraint for? It doesn’t work for me either when I add it.

quote from theeth:

There’s a small bug with dupliframe and constraints that haven’t been fixed yet.