DupliFrames to Mesh

Hi all

I’ve been working on a project all to do with dominoes. I’ve been using bullet to make the dominoes ‘topple’, then recording the physics to IPO. But it has got tedious duplicating each block and placing it a few measurements in front.
I was wondering about using a curve, and using DupliFrames to make a quick set of dominoes.
But how do i convert each domino to an individual mesh object? Whenever I press ‘P’ the blocks turn back into 1 single block. I need each block to be an object.

Thanks for the help!


Try ctrl-shift-a -> Make dupli objects real in 3D viewport. Note that you can also find this in the Object menu.

thanks allot thats exactly what i was looking for!


I’m struggling with something here. When I make dupliframes real I get loads of copies, but they all animate as I step through the animation (as such, the don’t remain where I want them).

If I don’t make them real, I have a copy of the object (a leaf in my case) which still moves along the stem during the animation; I only want the dupliframes… not the object moving along the path!

Any help would be really really appreciated. I’m struggling!