DupliGroup and NLA

I created a group which consists of an armature and a model in a separate file. Then I created a link to the group and added some instances via DupliGroup.
I’d like to give each instance its own animation with NLA. However, NLA doesn’t seem to be activated for the instances. I know how to activate NLA at an armature (the small icon next to the name). But such an icon doesn’t exist for an empty.

Does anyone know how solve this?

Doesn’t anyone know how to animate DupliGroups??

Make Duplis Real (Shft-Ctrl-A) doesn’t really work for heirarchies; the Armature modifier is lost. If you could do it that way then you could make each new group Local.

I think your best bet is to use Proxies instead:



the proxy objects seem to be the feature I need to solve my prob. The armatures already deform according to the NLA strips. However, the corresponding mesh doesn’t deform correctly. It deforms as if the armature weren’t a proxy.