Dupligroup Axis Center?

Hi All,

I am playing around with dupligroups and I have a question. I have a helicopter model in an external file that is grouped. I link in the file, add an empty and turn on dupligroup for the empty. I type Helicopter for the group name and I see my helicopter being controlled by the empty. Great!

The problem is, the helicopter has a center of gravity that is different from the bounding box center of the helicopter model. So I think, great I’ll just re-adjust the center of the group using center to cursor. This does work for the group object, I can re assign the center for the group. But the dupligroup does not appear to honor the new cursor center and still uses the empty’s center for rotation.

Is there anyway around this. I really need the helicopter to have it’s own center and not the empty’s center.


Make sure that each individual object in your group shares the same center point. It appears that the group is using the median point between all the objects centers. If you give all the objects that same center point, then the median point will be the same. Simplest way is to set the 3D cursor where you want the center to be. select all items in the group and then click Center Cursor.


I tried it and it did not seem to work.

Here is the scenario…

I have a helicopter in an external BLENDER file. I set up my 3D cursor where I want it. I select all parts of the helicopter and set the center to the cursor. This works fine, I now have my helicopter’s center of gravity where I want it. I save the file and exit blender.

I launch blender and delete the cube. I create an empty. I File/Append Link the external helicopter file. I choose Group and select the group name (I named it helicopter). When the object is loaded, I see the center exactly as I specified it in the external file. However, when I select the empty and turn on dupligroup and type in the group name, the helicopter that is dupligrouped uses the empty’s center, not the actual grouped objects center. I tried offsetting it by dupligrouping from a cube, but that did not work either.

What am I doing wrong?:frowning:

All right, I think I figured it out.

When you Append/LINK to an object the center of the object is not relevant. It is the relationship of the object to the origin of the initial link scene. So you have to center your link object at 0,0,0 and that becomes the pivot point in the scene that the object is linked to.