DupliGroup Duplicate Group ... Does Not Render ... Make Real

Short Statement.
Primary Goal.
It would be useful for a group instance to appear in the rendered image.
Primary Problem
The group instance does not appear in the rendered image.

Longer Statement.

A group was created. Then Menu Add Group Instance was used.
The Group Appeared in the 3D View.
The Group did not appear in the rendered image … the problem.
I read the link below and used Make Real, which caused the Group to appear in the rendered image.
Is Make Real … actually necesssary? Is that the normal use of Group Instance?
Is there another remedy I do not know?
Perhaps I caused this situation by some other mistake.

DupliGroup Duplicate Group … Does Not Render … Make Real
Windows 7
Blender 2.55 … Blender Render (Just the regular one)
Duplicate Group and a Group in the same single file.

I read this link
which states

Simply select your DupliGroup and press Ctrl⇧ ShiftA to convert the DupliGroup into an regular objects that can be transformed and animated normally.

I will use the acronym CHOP for a Complex Heirarchical Object with Parenting.
Making something real may lose its synchronization with other CHOPs previously in the group.

I made the Duplicated Group real and then I was able to see the CHOP in the final image.
I would like to know if others see duplicated groups in the image <without> make them real.

I checked layers to see if that was the problem … I do not see a layer problem.
Thanks in advance for your
comments, criticisms, and links.

Can you post the BLEND file with the problem?

I will work to post a simplified blend file exhibits the same behavior.