Dupligroup empty as Object of Hair particle system results in no object

I have an empty that is duplicating a group. I would like to instance this empty as the object of a hair particle system (or as part of a group of object’s being instanced). This does not appear to work correctly. Please confirm that this is the case and whether this is a bug or the intended behavior. If this is intended behavior, please specify why this is the case.

Dupligroups are a fundamental object of hierarchy in many regards, most importantly for shared assets. I will be opening a feature request if this has not been thoroughly contemplated.

EDIT: You can view a discussion on blender.stackexchange that repeatedly restates the nature of the objectives of this workflow though in my opionion both the original posts are sufficient o illustrate the very simple task I am trying to accomplish (using a group duplicating empty as a hair follicle [including as part of a randomizing or whole Particle System Dupligroup, ie support for nested dupligroup hierarchies for particle objects])


Bug created