Dupligroup "Masters" at 0,0

I’m wanting to use dupligroups to create numerous instances of several different objects. However, as far as I can figure out, when creating each new dupligroup from the original master object, that master has to be at 0,0,0. Otherwise the dupicates are offset from their empties.

If I’m just creating multiple instances of a single object in a scene I can work around this by placing the master object (the one at 0,0,0) on a layer that I turn off at render time. But if I’ve got numerous dupligroup master objects all sitting at 0,0,0 it becomes difficult to manage.

Is there any way to move the dupligroup master objects away from 0,0,0 without affecting the duplicate objects’ relationship to their origins? If not, how do people best deal with having all the dupligroup masters crowded together at 0,0,0?


No, the group must stay at [0,0,0]. But if you have more groups there, go look into the outliner and turn their visibility off (although then all duplicates will disappear as well). Or maybe reserve one working layer. Also try this numkey: /

Thanks for the response!