DupliGroups Problem?


3 parts to this question:

1) These trees were generated with Gen_3 tree generator, so all of the locations still show as 0,0,0. If there’s a fix for that without loosing there actual location in the scene and having to move them again that would be great to know. Clearing the location with them sitting where they are brings them ( visually ) back to 0,0,0.

Joining their 3 or more parts also moves them back to 0,0,0.
Any ideas about how to make them “behave” like regular old objects would be nice.

2) I’m trying to make the scene less dense by creating a DupliGroup for each tree type.

If you look at the image you’ll see the green tree which is the original, and the empty and the light gray tree which is assoiated with the empty.
I thought … oh … “make new center” … but there’s no option for that with an instance.

Do you know of a way to bring the empty and the instance to the same place so I can easily move these where they need to be to replace the real ones?


3) Files size and effeciency:

This .blend is getting pretty heavy. 270+MB and I’ve only begun to do what I want with it.
I need to learn how to be really effecient with this as things are already getting pretty gummy in the GUI.

Any pointers, keywords to search or tuts. would be great.

Thank you. I’d be lost in the soup with out your help. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh … here’s where I’m at with the scene as of last night:

Comments are always welcome.


  1. You moved them in edit mode, so you only moved the vertices, not the overall object. The fist is to select one, Object->Transform->ObData data to center. The Grab and move the object where you want.

  2. when you do this, duplivert should work as expected. http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/DupliVerts. Trees grow by having their seeds spread by the wind. DupliFrame might give a better looking forest.

  3. Trees can share the same mesh, reducing verts. Clone them using Alt-D

Hi papa,
These trees have never been in edit mode.
They plop into the scene sitting at 0,0,0 and are in object mode when they appear.
Just double checked it to be sure.

Object->Transform->ObData … works … except is moves the object on the grid, and destroys the distance relationship between the parts of the tree. Moving the trunk relative to the leaves … etc.
They were showing as loc 0,0,0 because I had all 4 parts of the tree selected at once.

It seems the easiest fix is the hard way, but I’ll know better next time to fix it all first.
At least now I can notate toe actual location of the trunk.

Dupliverts alt+D duplicates vertices also. Test it and you’ll see.

DupliGroups … however … does create an instance ( ghost ) and doesn’t create extra verts.

As for the empty being miles away from the actual image… hummmmmmm …
the fix for that seems to be to create the instance when the original is sitting at 0,0,0
Other wise the empty is way off from the ghost.

Thanks for the pointers. It led me to more information that I can use for sure.