Hi, i am busy building a interactive walkthrough of our new to be built warehouse racking layout. copying all racking to fill the warehouse would be too many verts, so i took two shelves and dupliverted them, only now when i start my walkthrough, the duplicates are not visible, i have no idea on how to show them up, any ideas please? i have tried many buttons but nothing works. thanks

dupligtroups arent working in the game engine

like black reaper said dupliverts dont work in the game engine you can however make your dupliverts real by selecting the duplacated object and pressing Ctrl+Shift+A and clicking on popup that says “make dupliverts real?” then all the dupliverts will become individual objects that will show up in the BGE.

Hope that helps
Good Luck

Will every duplicate really be its own object? If so you’ll probably want to join all the duplicates into a single object/mesh. The GE runs faster when there are fewer objects.