Duplivert particle sys in rinky release

Im using the Rinky release.
I cant seem to get a particle system to emit dupliverts. I have a sphere parented to the emitter mesh (a plane). Dupliverts is on. The problem is the spheres are not being emitted as particles they just keep showing up where the sphere is. Does anyone know if dupliverts dont work in the rinky version ? Has the way you make particles emit dupliverts changed recently or something ? If someone knows how to get it to work in the rinky version could you please explain how to do it …thank you.


This is the doc in progress. There may be other pages linked from that, and not linked that I have not seen.

  • Select your emitter and mash the F7 button until you cycle to the particle buttons
  • Add new system
  • In the Visualization panel, change it from Point to Object or Group and fill in the OB: or GR: fieldThere’s extra options for group that are nice.

Thanks Secundar, that does the trick.