duplivert question

Can you use dupliverts with lattices? I made a lattice, then made a small cube then parented the cube to the lattice and turned on dupliverts for the lattice, but nothing happened. I deleted the lattice and added a plane and did duplivert with the plane and got four dupliverted cubes, so does the same method not work with lattices?

You are correct. However, you can child a cube to a lattice, and then child a sphere to the cube, and little spheres will show up at the edges of the lattice.

I must not be understanding things. I made a lattice. I moved the cursor off to one side and added a small cube. I made the lattice the parent of the cube. Moved the cursor again and added a sphere. I made the cube the parent of the sphere. Still nothing when I turn on dupliverts for the lattice. So I turned them off and then turned them on for the cube. The lattice all of a sudden gets a bunch of pink boxes. No little spheres, so I must be missing something somewhere.

Maybe if I explained what I am after. I came across a very brief animated demo of a cube made up of a bunch of smaller cubes. There was a particle emitter involoved and basically the larger cube began to disintegrate as the smaller cubes “flew off” from it. I know it used the “unborn particle” thing, and I have achieved the same effect, but with a flat sheet of smaller cubes, not with a 3D matrix of them.

I can’t quite figure out how they got a “cube of cubes” in the first place. I can see doing it with a plane, but the only thing I could think of that had vertices INSIDE of it was a lattice. Perhaps there is some other way to create a regular arrangment of vertices for such a thing?

correct, do not turn on dupliverts for the lattice, it does not support dupliverts. turn on dupliverts for the cube. When you do, the children will be duplicate about their center.
The particle thing, if it looked like the cube was made of lots of tiny cubes, could be done by making each particle to be a cube mesh…i think.

Found it! Here is a link to the effect I am talking about.


That page has nothing to do with Latices. It uses a subdivided Mesh Cube with another cube parented to it and dupliverted. You need to do a little math to make sure the smaller child cube is (let’s say) 1/3 the dimension of its parent. That’ll give you 3X3X3=27 so you set the Amount in the Particles tab to 27. That should give you a perfect square.
To get it to collapse from one side you use a Blend type texture and set it to TexEmit.

If you can’t work it out I’ll post a blend.