dupliverted cubes not affected by Build modifier


I have a grid and dupliverted cubes on it. Now with the build effect only the verts of the grid are build up but I needed the dupliverts to be build up.

I also tried particles but with the Xsort option but I didnt get the right build up either.

What I actually want is a conveyor where boxes come off and be stackep upon each other.

Any wise man/women with good idea’s?

Thanks Twan

You would have to convert your dupliverted object to a mesh. Then build will work on more than one cube. But then you will have to deal with the fact that build does not have enough controls to be very useful.

So just hand animate your build up by stacking all the cubes in their final form, then assign each cube a different material. Then you can animate the alpha from 0.0 to 1.0 to make them appear. Or you can use the scale parameter to make them appear. After they are stacked, scale each cube to 0.0, then scale it up to 1.0 when they need to appear.

Here are a couple of examples of conveyor belts implemented in different styles.

Also a cube 2 cube stacking animation that will only work in 2.49. So don’t bother if you are using 2.5


ras_conveyor_belt_scriptlink.blend (214 KB)cube2cube_anim.blend (603 KB)

@Atom: Thanks for the good tips… especially the time offset. Never knew how to use it. I can use one op the tips to accomplish the animation.

Thanks, Twan