Dupliverted lamps in animation don't follow mesh deformation

(HCI) #1

I have a mesh that has a lamp for a child, which I dupliverted. It’s great, because now my spaceship’s lights reflect on the hull. The problem is that as I deform the mesh during the animation (using a lattice,) the lamps do not follow the mesh’s new vertex points. How can I fix this? Just FYI, my goal is to have my ship jump to warp, and it works fine, except for the lamps. Any ideas? Do mesh deformations even affect dupliverts?
-Andrew Geiger
[email protected]

(theeth) #2

I don’t think Mesh deformation affects dupliverts, but you could use Vertex parenting instead. Just select the lamps, select the mesh, enter edit mode, select 3 vertice from a face, press Ctrl-P.

Now, the lamp will follow that face’s motion.