Dupliverting part of an object

Hello i could use some help with dupliverts, this is my first time using it and i am pretty new to blender so please bear with me.
Im trying to duplivert the tail of an animal so that it will have a fan-like shape, like a turkey. problem is, the tail is attached to the turkey, so i made a semi circle with the verts distributed where i want it to be, but im not sure where to go from there. if i parent it to the turkey, the whole thing dupliverts. if i go into editmode, i cant select the other mesh b/c their other objects. So what do i do? :confused:

Thanks in advance and thanks for this forum!

  1. Make the semi-circle a separate object and make a feather.
  2. Then parent the semi-circle to the body and parent the feather to the semi-circle
  3. Turn on dupliverts for the semi-circle object

You might want to look into using the array modifier to do a fan of turkey feathers. Model one feather, move the object center to the base of the feather, add an empty at the rotation point, then rotate the empty slightly


Okay but how do i seperate the tail from the back of the bird? Edit: (That is, to make the tail a seperate mesh.)
Is there a ‘split vertices’ button or something or do i have to do it manually with the knife tool?

edit: how do you use array modifers? thanks orinoco!

Select the tail vertices and press P to separate them.

Array modifier information you can find here.

Okay i tried ‘p’ and dupliverts now the problem is all the feathers are pointing straight up; i want them to point in different directions like a chinese fan. i know it has something to do with the ‘Rot’ button but i don’t know how to use it. Any links to tutorials or help would be appreciated!

Like this?

untitled.blend (90.6 KB)

Yes that’s exactly what i mean. i ended up making an array then warping it but if you have any other method please let me know. Thank you!