Dupliverts are enabled; but are not showing or working [2.49]

I’m working on a house in blender, and I need to make a fake GI for eventual renders, however when I make a lamp, and parent it to an icosphere, after enabling dupliverts, the lamp is not duplicated on the icosphere’s vertices. It works fine when I open a new file, but it does not work in the file I’m working on. I was wondering if I disabled something I shouldn’t have, but I’m not sure what the problem could be.

The blend file is attached.

There is no icosphere and spot lamp in the file but you can add them and see that dupliverts does not work.

I would appreciate any help. Thank you.



Attached is the file with dupliverts alive and kicking. (yes, it’s still got all of your model)

the icosphere with the dupliverted lamps is in layer five. the lamp is default lamp.( with all default settings)

I couldn’t find an answer in your original file, so appended the whole scene into a new file and made dupliverts. Sorry if i changed your workspace.


dupliverts!.blend (802 KB)

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

May I ask what caused the dupliverts to not function properly?

In 3dView menu bar there is ‘Lock’ icon next to layer selection. If enabled ( locked ) layer(s) enabled in 3dView are synchronized with RenderLayers tab. If disabled ( unlocked ) auto synchronization is not involved, so you can set different layers to work with and different for rendering. It’s recommended to keep it synced unless you remember about that. So just lock the icon or RenderPanel>RenderLayers tab>SceneLayersToRender enable first layer or all layers. You have selected only 2nd layer there.
And this is why you didn’t see dupli - not synced layers.

I’m doing a dupliverts thing as well, and it gets pretty complicated. But one thing that tripped me up and caused it not to work is that my base image (the one that is duplicated) had duplivert turned on. My iconosphere, which it was parented to, is the only place where the duplivert option should have been on. Somehow they conflicted with each other and caused the duplication not to happen at all.

I’ve also tried to duplivert a GROUP, which was a disaster. I couldn’t get it to recognize a group for any amount of money…

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