dupliverts emitting particles

is there some kind of way to make dupliverts emit particles?

I am trying to do an explosion with bits of debris flying off, emitting a trail of smoke behind them. I have animated the debris with a particle system, a negative z axis force for gravity, and dupliverts for the actual debris.

However, for some reason the dupliverts don’t emit particles, only the original mesh they were constructed from emits particles. When I use ctrl-shift-A to “make real”, the problem is that they are no longer animated.

Is there a way to “make real” with the animation included?

or will I have to just make several bits of debris and keyframe them…


Umm… animated particle systems are pretty much exactly that, dupliverted particles. You can choose to make them come out of the vertices or the faces, make them come out randomly etc…

Unless I misunderstood, and you do know about animated particles, why not do some particle animation tutorials?

sorry for the misunderstanding…

I think I’ve confirmed that it can’t be done, but what I actually wanted to do is to have each particle emitting its own particle system as it moves along.