Dupliverts, Flowing .. teeth?

Well the topic is a bit weird i know, but for those of you who have seen Chronicles of Riddik and know the dog things in the prison he goes to, you know what i mean.

Basically, i want to add scales/teeth to my models, and i want them to all flow back in one direction.

How easy is it to make that happen? Not just make them all point outward, like faces normal, but them all be swept back as if blown by wind.

Also, as said above, would it be possible to make it look like it was blown by wind easily? Such as if you have a block, and the wind blowing from the front, the sides (top, left, right, bottom) would be flattended by the wind, where as the backside of the block the dupliverts or whatever, would be sticking more straight out. Now i wouldent need to do anything as dramatic but in theory its the same effect.

Any advice would be great, think of it like shark scales but a bit more extreme. A good bumpy texture with a pattern to it.

Here is what i plan on goofin around with them on, notice how the… things, are very plain. (They have a multi textured body but to make them look more hidden in the fog i made it blend in, which i like lol).

(C&C on the img is welcome too, its only a fun project that kinda happended as i went, decided fog, decided dupliverts/teeth, ect…)

Hair/fur is probably one of the hardest things to simulate in 3D. I, honestly, have no idea how to exactly do it, but I know how it is done. (Wow, that was a messed up sentence!) There are three ways that I am aware of. The first is static particles. The second is using a script such as Fiber or Beast. And the third, is placing individual planes with the hair texture on the creature yourself. Do a search and you will find lots of stuff. Here is a quick one I just did:


That was a really good topic.

You would probably do teeth like in a person. You model the gums and the teeth, then place the teeth in the gums. Then slide the gums into the mouth.


well i wish i could find it, a topic showing something similar to what i am trying to do. What it was, was a Head Model and the persons take on hair, he had dupliverts with like curved diamonds accross the whole head (dupliverted out or w/e, facing like faces normals), then applied a hair alhpa texture thing to it.

It looks really convincing for what he was doing, but you see i am not trying to do hair, i am trying to do dupliverts like he did but not having them all face umm, faces normals.

Does all that make sense? If i could find the topic you would understand me, but just note that i am not trying to make hair (yet, i’ll be testing that junk soon lol), i am trying to make dupliverts across a many curved surface and not all facing perfect faces normals.

Hope this makes sense… which i am sure it doesent, anyway, thanks :slight_smile: