dupliverts in blndr 2.4 question (where's curvepath/follow?)

k, im finally gettin to use dupliverts in 2.4 and the curvepath and curvefollow buttons are not in the “anim setting” area (F7), i searched the forum didn’t come up with an answer to why the change.

…what happened to them, what do i do without them?

…also when i parent a mesh to a curve it give me four options:

  1. Normal Parent
  2. Follow Path
  3. Curve Deform
  4. Path Constraint

…how are those going to affect my dupliframing?

They’re in F9 in the Curve and Surface tab. Use Ctrl-P, Follow Path.


ok, im getting all screwed up here…

all im doing is:

  1. drawing a nurbs curcle

  2. drawing a cube in its center and scaling it down by .05

  3. click cube then click circle then crtl+p…then “follow path”

but when i click on the cube and then select dupliframes it just spins around itself, it doesnt make a path along the cirlcle, when i change the track settings or change the type of parent - i get whacky results…?

what am i doing wrong? or is there a tutorial for dupliframes under 2.4?

Select the cube and Alt-O, clear Origin, this puts it on the first frame of the path. Then Alt-P, Clear Parent Inverse, which will allign the axii of the 2 objects.


wow man checkmate in two moves - u’all blow my mind sometimes.


any good complicated dupliframes tutorials that u can recommend off the top of your head…?

also whats the purpose of the other 3 parenting options??? or is there a good source where i can read all the in depth info that u can recommend for 2.40?

Probably a good page for you:


There are links to the Blender user-docs in the first link in my sig that explain parenting options quite well.