Dupliverts + Rot question....

Alright… I haven’t touched dupliverts in a while… I was just experimenting with an icosphere wich has a cone as a child… (yes it will get spikes…)…

So I hit duplivert and the spikes are drawn in the right shape… now I still have to make them face outward… I hit rot… but the rotate wrongly…

What am i doing wrong ?


i’m guessing that you need to flip the normals of the mesh

Nono… they are point in the right directions…that’s the first thing I checked…


edit mode -> rotate the cone

Argh… somehow I’m not getting it to show up how I want … edit mode and rotate cone doesn’t do it either… I am gonna try more… because ofcourse I am doing something wrong… :< :< :<


From memory, it aligns the local Z axis of the duplicated objects along the normal of the parent object, so you’ll have to get that lined up. Making the object upright in the front view, then Ctrl-R Apply Rotation should do it. It’s probably in the manual.

how do you use dupliverts?