Dupliverts to Mesh?

After converting dupliverts to real mesh objects (Shift-Ctrl-A), each mesh object transforms, rotates, and scales independently of each other. The Outliner window shows that they are separate objects with no parental connection. But when I select an object then enter Edit mode, all the objects seem to be there. I can only make selections on the one object that I selected just before entering Edit mode, but all the other objects mimic the same selection. Since they are separate mesh objects in Object mode, why do they seem to somehow be related or connected in Edit mode? How can I remove this connection so I can edit each object independent of all others?

are you selecting the ‘made real’ mesh or the exisiting duplicated mesh - you need to delete the original mesh and that should clear it up (or take off the dupliverts settings at least)

When I made dupliverts real, that automatically turned off the dupliverts button. Then I deleted the original 2 objects (Emitter and Base). Next, selected a “made real” mesh then entered Edit mode.

select all the elements in object mode and do ctrl + j

That’s not what I want. I want each new mesh to be completely independent of all others in both Object and Edit modes.

I just Duplicated (Shift-D) one of the new meshes then entered Edit mode and it is the only mesh there now, the other objects do not show up. I have no idea why this works, but this is exactly what I want. Now I can edit each of the converted mesh objects completely independent from one another in both Object and Edit modes after duplicating them one at a time. If I select all the converted mesh objects at one time then duplicate and select one of the duplicates then enter Edit mode, all the other objects are there just as in the original problem, so you must duplicate one new mesh object at a time. Thanks for you input.