Dura skrim texture

Hello! I’m new to Blender, gradually learning it. Can you help me to create or direct me in creation dura skrim material? It is a kind of special re-enforced plastic wrap. Thanks!31edhbwYQyL

A very quick (2 minutes) start for you.

This is my attempt

There’s still quite a lot to do:

  • The bump/normal needs improvement, right now they’re too even
  • The transparency is too clean, needs more imperfection
  • I had to use a duplicated material for the cylinder as the base material is too transparent, so something’s wrong with the transmission

If somehow it can helps here’s the node setup:

I toyed around with this just for the fun of it, while “watching” let’s plays on other monitor. Here is a version using brick textures instead. It does a few normal modifications in two locations; based on normal and based on incoming, where the incoming is used for rough refraction effects without any actual refraction. Meaning it can be used for thin and solid objects. Fresnel shadow is handled as well, and the refraction shader shadow is handled by transparency shadow. I’m not sure if glossy is part of the whole (white stuff inside the plastic) or if it’s partial (glossy handled separately, white stuff outside the plastic).

You can choose what shading components you want - Absorbent (diffuse/translucency) and/or Transmissive (Transparency/Refraction) - in what I think is a logical order (no right or wrong here). This is my get go approach to doing anything semi-transparent/semi-translucent stuff. I didn’t here, but usually shadows are not that important to me, so I put a full transparency/translucency shadow based thingy at the end instead of connected only to the refraction.
As you already have a working answer, consider it educational.

Edit: I deleted the file because it had a brutal error in it. Have no idea why I didn’t spot it before, but adding transparency shader like that is truly not a good idea. I’ll reconfigure and reupload later.

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That looks really great @CarlG