Durian 3d IMAX?

Durian 3d IMAX? I think this must be.

lol, yeah, good idea :smiley:

I missread at first and thought “WTF, 3Ds Max and the next open Movie? O.o” xD

Wow I’d like that ! With donations, this could be possible.
The thing is, who could enjoy it ? Not all IMAX theater would be willing to show it.

What exactly is that IMAX thing?

Well they have nothing to loose , they could show it before the movie you’ve payed for…

Peace :).

I agree that it would be very difficult to get an IMAX theatre to show it, but I bet it would be worth it to make the appropriate render. Perhaps that extra rendering could be done after the regular release.

Throwing out all the logistics, it would be awesome if the premiere was in an IMAX theatre. It should definitely be in 3D.

What is the resolution of an IMAX film?

I remember this “Geek fact” from the animation mentor newsletter a few months ago.

“Did you know Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has the record for the largest manned practical effects explosion? A VFX action sequence which was 8x larger than ILM’s previous record-holder, one IMAX frame would take three years to render on a top-of-line home computer (the entire 51 minute ILM screen time would take 16,000 years to render), and the largest character model (standing 10 stories high) is comprised of almost 12 million polygons.”

Isnt that like 12K (lines) resolution? X 2 ! (stereo) What would you display such resolution on, just to check the frame? What on earth would you store frames on? Open EXR assets would be huuuuge!

What a great idea though.

I thought they were already going for 4k resolution as said in durian info: “Deliver in 4k digital cinema (depending agreement with sponsor)” isnt that enough for imax?

IMAX digital currently uses two 2K-resolution Christie projectors with Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing technology alongside parts of IMAX’s proprietary system. The two 2K images are projected over each other, producing an image that is potentially of a slightly higher resolution than common 2K digital cinema. Originally, IMAX had been considering using two Sony 4K projectors.

No, don’t believe this guy, IMAX is nothing more than a clone of 3DS MAX. It is badware.
Don’t let them lure you into this trap, I say. It’s a trap!


Yeah, IMAX would be nice, especially IMAX 3D :cool:

IMax render needed in 2.5!!!

Yes yes! With iMax render, many amateurs will make professional things. :slight_smile:

Blender must use the iMax renderer.
Without iMax Renderer Blender is an amateur bad program.
We need a very big button “Render To iMax” on the center of the screen.

</me takes off Endi’s hat> :slight_smile:

We will render Durian in 4k resolution, but there are no plans for 3D/stereo currently. Getting stereo working will require many months extra development and artist time (which I’ve seen confirmed at SIGGRAPH presentations from studios that have done it), while only a small percentage of Blender users would actually benefit from it. So this is one of those things that would have to be financed by a sponsor, because I don’t think we can justify making this a priority otherwise.

Why you dont make near-realtime, one pass render? There is many nextgen game that has very very good graphics in realtime (for example, Gears of War or the latest Batman game). In these games there is cutscenes too, with engine render of course.

You dont need 30 fps of course. But with one pass render you can render the movie in stereo. With 4k resolution you can reach 0.5 fps for example, and this is very good result.

If IMAX, then full quality…

Batman IMAX 3D was screened with the regular 35mm elements as a letterbox (4K), then the IMAX elements were presented full height (12K). Check out the FXguide podcast on it, Not stereo but amazing pipeline none the less.

Oh yeah, I have a set of anaglyph specs, so I guess I am a Blender audience of one. I won’t hold my breath, but I could re-render it using the open files :wink:

Well, you don’t even need anaglyph for Imax-3D. Just a correct frame-pair.
They work with polarization, usually.

well, my guess is, that because blender is supposed to work in many platforms and also in older hardware, still making it possible to produce great results. using GPU rendering, will cut out lot of blender users that don’t have hardware for that. and what i’ve understood is, these openmovie projects, are also meant to show what regular users could do also.

so anyone basicly could download the sources and render out the shots…
for example Yo Frankie quite nicely showed that game engine can’t do that. (i for one couldn’t run the game in any of my machines, but can render out shot from BBB)


I think I just felt something in my brain break. That’s amazing!

“3D IMAX”…hmm… Do you mean a stereoscopic version?