Durian Backstory Suggestion

Had a thought about Durian.

To be truly epic, a fight can’t just be a random encounter. It should be part of a larger story, and the best fights are the ones that are part of a huge, detailed universe. Think Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. Tolkien even went so far as to write all the way back to the creation of the world and invented different languages.

Now, obviously writing thousands of pages of backstory isn’t something the Durian team can (or should) do by themselves in a few months. But, I think this is where the Blender Community can help! I think it would be awesome if, while leaving the team to work on the story for the Durian film itself, the community worked on building a universe for the story to be in.

Anyone who loves Blender and loves writing (a category in which I would group myself) would be encouraged to work collaborativly designing a world and writing the history of the Durian world. I’ve worked with a couple of such collaborations (eg. http://metamorkeep.com/), and even if most of the writers aren’t professional authors, the world that results can be very impressive.

In my experience, the best way to organize such a collaborative effort is through a wiki, though mailing lists and irc can also help people to collaborate. If the Durian team doesn’t think this will infringe on their creativity too much, and if others think this is a good idea, I would be happy to set up a wiki and start writing. (I generally use wetpaint, and it’s probably best to keep this seperate from the official blender wiki so people looking for blender tutorials don’t find themselves reading about ancient fantasy fruit battles.)

So, what do the rest of you think? Is this a good way the community can help Durian, and is anyone else interested?

I think this would be an interesting project once the movie is finished :slight_smile:
There is already someone assigned to the task of creating a story (a cartoonist if i remember correctly). We would at least need to know the basic story before we could start the project, and i dont think they would reveal that in its entirety.