Durian Monkey Concept

Here is something I whipped up yesterday, I liked the idea of a monkey with a cigar, top hat, and monacle. :smiley:


Oh I forgot to tell you that everything was done in BLENDER 2.49 RC1 and 2. I had smoke rotating from the end of the cigar but had problems with the new version’s particle system. I do not know if this is a bug or not. Also 2.49 RC2 does not have yafray for some reason…

Here are some other angles…Comments… suggestions???:cool:


Nice character idea, but what defines it as “Durian”?

Here is a post by Bendasie that the concept came from…

First off, not official. Haven’t been in contact with Ton about anything. Don’t expect this to be anything except a bit of fun.

Rightio. I had a bit of trouble figuring out which thread to put this in as it is a 2D work on it’s own. However, it isn’t finished (by a long way!) and I may carry certain elements like the robot into 3D at some point. That and I want this to turn into a community project - trust me, it should be stacks of fun!

For those who haven’t heard yet, Project Durian is to be the next Open Movie out of the Blender Foundation. The theme is “a 12 year old (boy)'s unrestrained imagination.” fast cars, spaceships, monsters and the like.

Having just finished a project where I did a fair bit of rigging, path constraint animation and less, um, creative and more thought based work, I wanted to cut loose on something on the weekend. This is what I started. :slight_smile: I’m recording my progress as I go, so I’ll put the timelapses on Vimeo when I’m done - to some loud over the top music of course. Full image is full 1920x1080 pixels, just thought I’d spruce up a small version to make it look better for posting.

Where do you come in? Design your own gear that you think would be over the top and fun enough to put in Durian! As a reminder - this thread probably wont affect the film in any way, but there is no reason we can’t just have a lot of fun and post things here anyway. Its a great theme, particularly for CG.

So feel free to post your outlandish concept art, 3D renders of characters / monsters / vehicles and such here. Text descriptions of what you would like to see are fun too, but images would be nice. Don’t worry too much about how finished they are - more on how insanely over the top they are.

As a starting point of sorts…
My image will have:

  • Armoured bear (thanks C&C for the inspiration…)

  • Motorcycle riding pirate

  • Giant squid monster

  • Spaceship

  • Giant Robot

  • Ninja

  • Hover convertable being driven by a monkey with a top hat, cigar and monacle

  • and the all important massive explosion in the background.
    Things I thought of but won’t have time or space for in the one image:

  • floating city

  • rock legend wizard

  • dinosaurs - with or without mounted shoulder lasers

  • etc…
    Let the fun begin!

I just read the actual Durian project specs and realize that this is not the style that they are looking for compared to the concept art. Sorry, I still liked doing the monkey though:D

Apologise for nothing! Made my day to see this, still smiling. :smiley:

On the not-quite-Durian note, I started that thread back when Ton was leaking ideas about Durian. Obviously the concept has been fleshed out since then and will continue to be fleshed out later by the team.

Doesn’t stop us from playing though…